Kosher Scoop


What soup recipe could be more Jewish than chicken soup — especially with matzoh balls bobbing on its surface. Chicken soup served as clear broth or teeming with a rainbow of vegetables is a Shabbat staple and, most definitely, a proven cold remedy. (Didn’t our ancestors know just about everything?!) But soup is also a kosher chef’s pallet for combining myriad medleys of vegetables, legumes, herbs, grains, fruit and even meats, fish or dairy items into soup. Pretty much anything can be part of a soup, which is so easy to prepare (and even correct if necessary). A variety of vegetables tossed in the fridge drawer? Soup! Marrow-rich turkey bones awaiting their mission? Soup, of course! Softening fruit? You got it, fruit soup! Dozens of kosher soup recipes are waiting to be set into simmering pots on your stovetop.