Kosher Scoop


Come April, Jewish homes the world over are preparing for Pesach. Some scrub their abodes from attic to basement, others are content serving a traditional Seder to mark the holiday. But all share the common denominator of food. For the traditionally observant, no leaven may be eaten or even seen for the eight days (seven in Israel) of Pesach; the preparations regarding cleaning and cooking are therefore intense. And for all those who celebrate with a Seder, there are the customary foods to prepare and enjoy. Matzoh and bitter marror are staples — and easily purchased. Charoset (a recipe that includes apples, nuts and wine) is a delicious food that’s part of the Seder. And, of course, the Seder feast itself (known as Shulchan Aruch), is often a lavish, multi-course affair. Whether you resort to protein or vegetable based recipes, or are searching for recipes without flour that are kosher for Passover, you will find what you’re looking for here.